Friday, November 27, 2009

SITEX 2009

The annual last IT show is here - SITEX 2009.

Today's visit to SITEX has got only one aim: Look for good camera memory card deals.
The venue, Expo, was not really packed with people.
At tanah merah mrt station, the unusual crowd of people waiting for the train bounding to Changi Airport shows how many people are going to the fair.
On top of that, today is a public holiday. Even more people are free to go, look look and see see.
And there are a lot of children there too.

Actually, there's nothing to see at SITEX unless you intend to get a new desktop or laptop.
At every turns and corners, the sales-boy or sales-girl will come and ask me, "Looking for laptop?"
Unfortunately, I come with a purpose and items in mind.
Even if I wanted to shop for a new computer, I would have done my homework and have a brand in mind.
I would not be the group of shoppers who goes round the whole mall, looking at the various computers available and comparing specifications and prices.
I have to confess that I did that once when getting the new desktop for my brother as I do not know the brands available during the show.

Oh well... In the end, I got my stuff from the SanDisk booth, managed by Song Brothers.
These are what I got from them:

Compact Flash memory, 2GB and 4 GB.
SDHC Card, 8GB.
Card Reader.

There's nothing much to see as the booths are more or less the same.
What people are interested in is the "sale" or special prices for the electronic gadgets.

Let's wait and see what's there to buy during the next IT show.


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