Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hokkaido Ramen @ ion Orchard

For some reason, I wanted to go for dinner today.
So I smsed Jeanbean and Leonard and after a few rounds of discussions, we decided to have ramen.
The place was suggested by Jeanbean.
Hokkaido Ramen located at B2 of ion Orchard.
The plan was to meet at the restaurant at 7pm.
Luckily the 2 guys were early and they had to queue to get into the restaurant.

By the time I reached B2 (slightly after 7pm), the whole eatery area was filled with people and many of the restaurants had long queue.

This is my first time eating Japanese ramen.

I ordered the Shio Seafood Ramen and fried tofu.
Jeanbean ordered Shoyu Cha Shu Ramen with Toro Don.
Leonard ordered Shoyu Toro Ramen.

In my opinion, i find that the ramen soup taste saltier as I eat.
It could be the nature of the soup but it got too salty for my liking towards the end.
The egg is nice as it has a soft yoke for a hard boiled braised egg.

Shio Seafood Ramen

Shoyu Cha Shu Ramen

Toro Ramen

Fried Tofu

The restaurant has 10% discount for citibank cards.

It was a great dinner and we shopped around at Tangs before heading home.


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