Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visit to Chek Jawa

Today, I joined the NIE Green Club for a Nature Guider training session.
I bet none of you know I have this special liking for nature.

This is my first trip to Chek Jawa even though I have been to Pulau Ubin quite a number of times.
We were early at Chek Jawa, so we rested at House 1, which is just behind the visitor center.
We were suppose to observe how the volunteers from the Naked Hermit Crab conduct their guiding.
Since there were few visitors around, the NIE gang split into 2 groups and followed different guide.
My group was following Ria.
We had a lot of fun time listening to her stories and lame jokes.
And we spotted many things along the way too.
I read from Ria's webpage that another group spotted a mud lobster.

The trip was fun and the weather was good.
We saw the tiny fiddler crabs along the shores at the seagrass lagoon.

I did not have the right lens to shoot.
Only had the 105mm VR macro with me.
Hence, not much of pictures taken.

Before we entered the gates of Chek Jawa,
We were greated by a group of macaques.

At ther inter-tidial area of the seagrass lagoon, there lay a dead mangrove tree.
It provides a good landscape shot if I had a wide-angled lens with me.

While trying to save my photos, I accidentally press the invert command and I got this.
Quite interesting.

I'm not sure if I will be committed enough to becoming a nature guide, though guiding is not done on a weekly basis.
But I'm glad that I can visit such beautiful nature places.
Just taking a walk at such places is good enough for me.

Hopefully, I can visit Chek Jawa more often.

Preserve Chek Jawa,
Pei Yan

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