Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As I sat down to do my work
He pop by on msn
And started talking to me in French
Je suis tres noob
I told him
French was like 3 years ago
It's rusty now for me
I could only remember a few words
Je comprends et parle un peu de Français.
Simple words I can understand

For the past many days
I've been on the lookout for his appearance on msn
But we never manage to see each other

Finally he came today
And I've decided to tell him what I wanted to say
It took a long pause after I told him that I'm going to say something to him
Typing online is easy work on the fingers but a big step in expressing your feelings
I took up the courage and told him what I wanted to say
And from then on, my mind felt so at ease, though a bit saddening

That is my courage.


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