Friday, November 28, 2008

Rollercoaster ride in Batam

I reached Batam at noon in batam time.
That's equivalent to 1pm Singapore time.
I'm in Batam for a camp.
I've been joining this camp for many years and have gone to a few places.
From a camper to group leader and now, I'm just helping out in some of the camp stuff.
2 years ago as a photographer, this year as a IT support person.

Anyway I'm back in Batam for the 2nd time.
1st time was with Gerald and Kelvin for sightseeing and spa.

Sitting 2 rows behind the coach driver was a time of roller coaster ride.
The driver was speeding thru a 2 lane road rather congested with cars, trucks and snaky  motorbikers.
What's worst was that we past by a school and it happened to be the release time for the students.
Imaging the numerous students zooming out with their bikes and driving "dangerously" on the small laned roads.

Snap once

2nd shot right after the above (that's about 3s later)

That's how fast the drive caught up with the log truck.
I could see the speedometer so I don't know exactly wht sped he was driving at.
But from the gear box, the bus seems to be going at 5th gear (there's a 6th gear if I din see wrongly)

4 hours of R&R this year. woot!
And we are going to have seafood on the 2nd night at the seafood place next to the hotel.

Hotel name: Golden View Hotel
Seafood place: Golden Prawn 555

oh... the kuei lapis from Batam is cheap.
I bought one box (normal cake box) at SGD$12.


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