Thursday, April 03, 2008

SE3221 CA2: Rehearsal

We has our compulsory rehearsal session this evening.
The big day is tomorrow.
The class was brought to a seminar room at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory to do our rehearsal.
But the room was just to small to fit everyone in.

There wasn't enough space for the dancers to move around.
In the end, the musicians and singers went ahead with their practice first while the dancers were stranded outside the room doing nothing.

Since I was a dancer, I had the chance to limit myself to minimal movement inside the cramp semiar room. (thus the limit angle view)


The 2 drummers.

Singers and musicians listening to ajarn.


Dancers looking at the class.

The dancers felt that it wasn't fair that the rest of the class gets leave earlier cos they had their practice first.
We had a few rounds of practice on the bamboo before we called it a day.
By the time, it was already 8pm+ and I got 8am class tmr!!!

Tired and sleepy,

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