Friday, November 19, 2004


FINALLY!!! I managed to fit a few sections into the sidebar... Ain't me great??
But still, i can't add another blog into my account. WHY???
tODAY's weather: VERY windy...
mY mOOd: rather HAPPY, cos only got 3 more papers left ( or rather 2 papers left )
Hmm... it seems that I am starting to miss all the various photog sessions I used to have [ with Franics or Mr Choong ]. Well, photog is fun with all the "weird" people in there..... Ben Ting's obession with the bracket's ring... Tong with his girlfriend called Princess always hanky panky... BENita, who likes to use the photog room always...Miss Tan, whose chocolate got eaten up by her "STUDENT"... Miss Yan and her trip to EGYPT soon...
Everything here in Photography Club is Fun!!!!

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