Monday, November 22, 2004

Olinda is OUT!!!!!

*Sob, sob*
I can't believe that Olinda is out of the Singapore Idol. I dare admit that I fell in love with Oli's "manly" voice after the first time I heard her sing:
" When my rimba rhythm start to sway
Dance with me
Make we sway... "
Wow!!! Oli has got a good voice.
Too bad, she lacks the popularity which Sly and Taufik had.
Nevermind, now Oli is out... my support goes to Taufik ( of course ).
Come to think of it, both of them were given a second chance to compete in the Singapore Idol. I think that Taufik deserves the Singapore Idol title. He has indeed put in lots of effort in his singing.
" I get the energy from the crowd..... the more crowd there is, the more energy I get..." that's what he said in today's morning show.
Well.... there goes Oli...
GO Taufik!!!

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