Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ha Ha Ha MAthEmatiCs is OVER!!!

Yeh..... the maths paper is finally over. Never expect the papers to be rather easy. Question is: IS the paper really that easy?? Well... a hand full might say YES!! ME? no need to ask... HEY, i'm the maths pro here!!! ha ha ha...

After the paper, we met Mrs Foong near the canteen. She was asking:" So... which section did you all did?"
My answer: pure mechanics ( section C )
Mrs Foong gave me some look...
So... did i choose the wrong section??
Or was she expecting me to do the half - half section??

Oh well, i can now not forget anything about maths... hey, there's still FM papers the struggle through!!! how can forget maths??? REMEMBER: i'm the maths pro here!! Ha Ha Ha.. now.... concentrate!!! Its physics paper on thursday!!! and i'm am not going to let physics drag me down!!!!! GO GO GO!!!

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