Friday, June 08, 2012

The most adventurous reef in Singapore

On one of the Eastern shores of Singapore, there is a very special place.
To get to this place, it is not as easy as you think.
For most of our shore trips, we just have to do one of the following:

  • walk to the shore, 
  • take a boat to a jetty, or 
  • take a quick dip after a boat ride.
However this special requires special skills to get to the reef - the skill of a climber crab.
I am referring to a coral garden off the sea wall at Tanah Merah.

The annual coral garden visit of this special place is usually done by Kok Sheng a.k.a. the Human Climbing Crab. This year, our Human Climbing Crab (HCC) is injured and a small team comprising of Ria, Mei Lin, Rene and Jocelyne replaced Kok Sheng to check out the beautiful garden.

I was not there trying out the skill of a Human Climbing Crab but I hope this post will bring my readers to know of their "crab-citing" adventure to the coral garden.

You can read about the posts from the following members:
Mei Lin - Psychedelic Nature
Ria Tan - Wild Shores of Singapore

From their posts and status, they sure did have a lot of fun at the coral garden.
Now I kinda regret not going for it. >.<

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