Friday, January 14, 2005

Gunbound Prepaid Cards

Dam!!! I feel like being cheated by that stupid shop at Bedok Central. I bought a Gunbound prepaid card * first time * but I the website couln't get my security code thru... Tried so many times and the web keeps on saying that the code is a "entered number"... haiz... So I followed the number on the web and call the company... No one pick up... Nevermind, cos I had to go for work @ 6.30pm... So wait until today then call... but still no answer!

Logged on to the given website on the the card to find that the only way to contact then was thru email... So... E-mail lor... hope that they will reply soon and solve my problem...Really felt soooo cheated, something tells me that the number has either been recycled or tampered with... haiz... Whatever it is, I dun want my $$$ to go to waste... That card cost me $16.80.

Though I'm working, got $$, but it felt so painful to see that $$$ flying away when ht ecard doesn't work...

Can the company reply me soon????

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