Thursday, December 02, 2004


So... the long awaited PoRm Night 2004 is finally over @ Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. It was a fun filled night with lots of pretty ladies, handsome hunks, and not forgetting lots of photo taking going on and on and on and on... What's fun is the emcee for the night, a DJ from Class 95. He was indeed a funny compare, with many ways to keep the whole room in suspension from the progress of the Singapore Idol. WOW! Furthermore, with the funny game which he says:" 2 smart fellowers, they felt smart.", and each contestant is suppose to repeat with an increase in the number. [ 3 smart fellowers, they felt smart ] Hahaha... in the end, the ladies won. GIRLS POWER!!

Lucky draw was exciting, with fabulous gifts ranging from gift vouchers to an Apple iPod. Wow! I was eyeing for that iPod, and it when to the number 058. I was 018. Then came the top 3 winners for the prom king and one of them was RODNEY! [ the handsome one? ] Such a coincident that with Taufik as the Singapore Idol, Taufiq became the TPJC Idol as he was announced as the prom king.

The whole prom ened @ about 11pm+ with more photo taking after that. I finally persuaded Benita to buy me a flower. Thank You BENITA!

But the fun has not ended, I went back to the hotel room and I changed for another round of fun at a pub [ xueli's friend's ]. My first time trying Vodka Lime. It wasn't very strong and it tasted like lime juice. Later i played tai di and drank one cup of Vodka with rebiena.

It all ended at 3+ in the morning with Shou Zhi and Tian Cai drunk.
They kept on saying that 我没有醉 ( i'm not drunk ). Hai...
When to bathe and slept at about 4+am. What's more, Chee Hao and Fu Min were eating cup noodles beside me... HUNGER!

The day finally ended as we packed our belongings and checked out of the hotel at 8am. Birthda cake wasn't cut and Peng Wee ( birthday bot ) had to bring it back...

It slepping after i got back home. ZZzzzz......

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  1. hey peiyan! cherie here....glad to read that you had fun at your prom... take care! :)



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